15 Warning Signs Someone is Suicidal

1. Talking about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live

Someone can start talking like this when they think they have no other options left. They could have just either tried a treatment plan that didn’t work for them or haven’t reached out to treatment yet.

2. Talking about wanting to die or kill themselves

This seems obvious but it could be easily ignored as being attention seeking.

3. Extreme mood swings

People with Bipolar Disorder have a high tendency for suicide when they crash from a manic or hypomanic state to a depressive state.

4. Increasing the use of alcohol or drugs

They could want to feel numb or feel numb and want to feel something.

5. Sleeping too little or too much

This could be a sign of Depression. Clinical or Chronic Depression could lead to suicidal thinking.

6. Talking about being a burden to others

Sometimes you can not be independent and need others help in order to get better, which could seem like someone is burdening others with their problems.

7. Talking about feeling trapped

Feeling trapped is a bad feeling and they may want it to just go away.

8. Behaving recklessly

This is not thinking about their future selves. They don’t care what happens to them.

9. Changing appearance

This could be a sign of wanting to change themselves to feel better. However, it may not always work. They also may be asking for help in a non-direct way or to see if anyone actually cares enough to say something about it.

10. Withdrawing or isolating themselves from loved ones

This is similar to feeling like a burden. They could withdraw or isolate themselves because they feel that way or because they just don’t feel like being around other people. Being alone can sometimes make things worse.

11. Talking about being in unbearable pain

Being in pain is hard to ignore and sometimes it gets to the point where we just don’t want to deal with it anymore.

12. Looking for a way to kill themselves

This could mean stock pilling their medication, buying a gun, or drinking or using drugs to excess.

13. Talking about being worthless

Feeling worthless is not a good feeling and sometimes it makes us feel like we aren’t good enough to be alive.

14.  Acting agitated or anxious

Someone who is about to attempt suicide is probably going to be anxious about their plan and may feel agitated by others or just in general.

15. Giving away possessions

Giving stuff away that means something to them is a sign because it means that they won’t need it anymore and are planing not to be around much longer.

These were 15 warning signs for someone who is suicidal. Please seek professional help or go to the nearest emergency room if you are feeling suicidal. It can and will get better. In 10 years you’ll look back and be glad that you were there to see yourself get better.


Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255






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