My Chronic Undiagnosed Physical Illness

Everything started to go south with my physical health a month before my 19th birthday in April of 2015. It is now August of 2018 which means I have been searching for answers for almost 3 and half years.

I used to get hives all over my body every time I showered. I used to get colds that lead to bronchitis about once every couple of months. I had multiple viral syndromes that doctors thought was either mumps or mono.

I have a whole host of symptoms: headaches, joint pain, lightheadedness, trouble concentrating, fatigue, fevers, chronic hives, IBS, and temporary vision loss.

I now just get hives randomly. I get so tired from doing everyday activities. I get debilitating headaches. As the years go on the more and more symptoms I get. They are often unpredictable and come and go as they please.

Oh and trust me I have done so many tests and procedures to try and figure out what I have been dealing with. I have had so much blood work done. I had a colonoscopy at 22. I had a CT scan of my brain. I have been allergy tested twice. I have been to multiple specialists. All that has showed up is that I have slightly elevated inflammation in my body.

I have tried homeopathic pain relieving gels. I have tried allergy medications, acid reducers, gut antispasmodics, antibiotics and so many other medications. I have tried going dairy free and vegan/vegetarian. I have tried going gluten free. Nothing has “cured” all my symptoms. Some of the medications have helped though, which I am thankful for but most have not.

I don’t know if I will ever get a clear answer to all my symptoms which is frustrating. But I have to keep on going no matter what.


2 thoughts on “My Chronic Undiagnosed Physical Illness

  1. I feel you and have been through many of the same things. Like you, all they find are signs of inflammation throughout my body, but no real concrete answers. It is so frustrating! After a while, specialists don’t even want to see you because they see you as a “problem case”.


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