Having an Autism Screening as an Adult

I have suspected that I was on the Autism Spectrum since I was 19 years old (I am now 22). I found the symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome while doing research for my Human Development class. They sounded eerily familiar. I told my parents about it a few months later. They weren’t sure at first. My mom did tell me a friend of my parents, who was a school psychologist, suspected that I had Asperger’s when I was about 10 years old. So I pursued it further. I have done a ton of my own research on Autism. So once my doctor told me I should have neuropsych testing done, my mom suggested a screening at a local Autism clinic.

The Autism Screening

I called a local Autism clinic and scheduled a screening. My appointment was about a week and a half from the day I called. They told me to arrive 10 minutes early so that I could fill out paperwork before hand. I also recommend bringing a parent with you if you can because my mom helped me fill out the paperwork and she had another form to fill out from her perspective.

It was a 1 hour appointment. 50 minutes for talking and answering questions and 10 minutes for discussing next steps.

They asked me about my concerns and why I thought I had Autism. I told them about my sensory issues, my difficulty with change in routine, my stimming behaviors, my meltdowns, and my social difficulties.

There were questions directed at me but most were directed at my mom. Mostly the questions were about my childhood. For example, when did I first walk, when did I first talk, did I play with others, did I have friends.

Then they recommend you do an evaluation or not. I was recommended to get an evaluation. They believed I had Autism. It also was recommended for me to join a social skills group. They suggested local events for autistic adults. They also suggested one on one therapy with ideally someone who has experience with people with Autism. I was given information on places that did adult Autism evaluations because the clinic I went to only had them for people under 21.

They told me I would get a full report of the appointment about a month after my appointment date.

I am now waiting to schedule my appointment. I need to figure out my class schedule still. I am all in all glad I went through with the screening because now I can tell the evaluators that someone who has experience with Autism believes I have Autism too.


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