December 2018 Favorites + Goals for 2019

December 2018 Favorites

Thrift Stores

I have been going to thrift stores for a few years now but I have gone pretty often this month. I have been trying to stop buying as much fast fashion and trying to be more conscientious of where I get my clothing. There are a some good videos on fast fashion on Sarah Hawkinson’s YouTube channel if you want to learn more.

Bike Chain Fidget Toy

I bought one of these earlier this month and have been using it a lot. I have a lot of anxiety especially on the train and in school and this has been helping. It keeps my hand busy and gives me something else to focus on rather than my anxiety.

Skinny Pop White Cheddar Popcorn

I learned that this popcorn was vegan this month. I love popcorn and now I can have a little bit of flavor on mine. I bought two bags at the grocery store because they were on sale and I am glad I did. I already ate one whole bag in the matter of a few days. It is also low calorie and a great snack.

2019 Goals

Make At Least One New Friend

I have plans to join a few clubs at my new school and going to a millennium game night near my house. I usually find it difficult to make new friends and maintain the ones I have. I would like to practice those skills in the new year though by making at least one new friend.

Cook Something Homemade At Least Once a Week

I am mostly vegan now but I tend to eat a lot of processed foods and don’t cook for myself as often as I would like. So I plan to learn some new recipes. I also want to start meal prepping on Sundays for my lunches throughout the week.

Read/Listen to At Least 5 Books

I used to love reading but lately I haven’t been. I have tried to listen to books or read a paperback but I haven’t been able to finish them. In 2019, I want to read more for pleasure and achieve that by reading at least 5 whole books.

Practice Driving At Least Once a Week

I have had multiple permits but have never tried the driving test to get my drivers license. This year I would like to practice driving more often and eventually get my drivers license.

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