What’s in My Bag? January 2019


  • Wallet– mine is Vera Bradley but I thrifted it from Goodwill for $3
  • Snack– in case I get hungry between meals
  • Hand Sanitizer– I take public transportation a lot and I like to use this in between washing my hands
  • Chapstick– in case my lips get chapped
  • Disposable heat patch– this one is made for menstrual cramps but I also like to use them on my back when I am in a lot of pain
  • Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume– this is my go to perfume
  • Notebook– for any notes about my blog or to-do lists
  • Pens and Pencils– for taking notes
  • Tea bags– I love tea and if I forget to make it in the morning I have some in my bag
  • Pads– in case I get my period when I am out
  • Gum– to freshen my breath
  • Comb– if I want to put my hair up
  • Hand lotion– in case my hands get dry and cracked
  • Ibuprofen– if I am in pain
  • Tissues– to clean up messes
  • Medical Tape– to tape my wrists if they hurt
  • Small bag– Nail clipper and hair ties/clips
  • Medium bag– fidget toys I bought off amazon


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