January 2019 Favorites

Bullet Journaling

I started bullet journaling again this last month. I bought a Minimalism Art dotted journal from amazon for about $10. I will do a whole post on my bullet journal supplies soon. I like bullet journaling because it allows me to be more creative and make my planner specific to my needs. I like making a monthly spread, weekly spreads, habit tracker page, and some brain dump pages.

Tens Therapy

I went to physical therapy for back and hip pain back in December and they used a machine they called Stims on my back/hips. I felt like it helped my pain so I thought I would get a Tens unit to try out. (the Stims machine was huge and probably expensive so I went for a more affordable and portable Tens Unit). I picked mine up from my local grocery store. It was about $20. I used it quite a few times throughout January and I think it is very similar to the Stims machine. I am not sure of the exact science of the Tens Unit (or Stims machine) but it feels like it sends vibrations through the sticky pads on my skin. The down fall to the Icy Hot brand one I have is that the sticky pads are connected by one piece of adhesive so I can’t have it on both sides of my back.

My New School

I transferred to a different college this semester. School only started about 4 weeks ago but so far I think it is a good fit. I changed my major too to Disability studies. I really like all the content I have been learning these past few weeks. I enjoy doing the assignments too even though they can be kind of tough sometimes. I am thinking about joining a club this semester but I am not sure about which one yet. I visited multiple cultural centers at school already though and everyone I have been meeting has been really nice.

Odd Girl Out

My parents had an extra credit on Audible so I bought Odd Girl Out by Laura James. The book is about Autism and how she was diagnosed in her 40’s. It is also about her life. She is married and has 4 kids. I am only on the second hour (out of 8) but I am liking it so far. If you didn’t know I am on a wait list for an Autism diagnosis and some of the things she says about Autism sound really familiar to me. It is nice to know that I am not alone in some of the things I face on a regular basis.




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