My Favorite Bullet Journal Supplies

Pentel EngerGel 0.7 Pens

I love these pens. They are so smooth to write with. My dad first gave me a violet ink EngerGel pen a couple years ago and I am still using it. I don’t have problems with the ink smudging because they are quite quick drying. They don’t bleed through my bullet journal pages. I have black, green, red, pink, and purple ink pens from Pentel. I bought a pack from Amazon and one from the Dollar Store. I use these for most of my spreads.

Sharpie Accent Highlighters

I have the yellow and pink highlighters. I like them. They aren’t too bright. They also don’t bleed through the pages in my journal. They dry quickly. I use them to mark important information and to keep track of when I do any habit. I also use them to mark the hours I slept on my sleep log.

Prismacolor Scholar Markers

I have the bullet tip ones. I have a 10 pack with a variety of colors. There is a yellow, light blue, dark blue, red, pink, light green, purple, gray, black, and brown. They do not bleed through my pages either. They are a little hard to use for small designs because of the bullet tip but I don’t make that many anyway. I use them to make my journal more colorful and to fill in designs I make. I found these at my local grocery store in the crafts section.

BiC Mechanical #2 Pencils 0.7

I use these pencils to mark the page before I use pen or marker. This way I know what the spread will look like before I make it more permanent. I like mechanical pencils because they have a more fine tip than wooden pencils do. And I don’t have to sharpen them when they get dull. I just click the eraser for more lead.

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