My Favorite Dairy Free Products

Enjoy Life Cocoa Loco Bars

These are my favorite bars. They are just what I need when I am looking for something chocolatey. I find mine in the gluten free section of my grocery store.

Vans PB&J Blueberry Bars

I just tried these this past week and they are so good. I really like PB&Js and having them already prepared is really great. They also have a strawberry jelly flavor. I find these in the gluten free section of my grocery store.

Sweet Earth Vegan Cauliflower Mac N Cheese/ General Tso’s Tofu

I have been getting these about once a week for a couple months now and I still am not tired of them. The macaroni tastes like actual mac and cheese or at least as close to it as it can possibly be. The General Tso’s Tofu tastes pretty good. The tofu isn’t too soft or too firm. I have tried the Korean Japchae bowl and I didn’t like that one. That may also be because I have had it homemade by my Korean grandmother multiple times. I find these in the freezer section with other frozen meals.

Vegan MorningStar Farms Buffalo Chik’n Nuggets

These are so easy to make. I just stick them in the microwave for a couple minutes and they are ready. They are really good too. I found them a couple months ago in the freezer isle.

So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt Alternative

I love the raspberry and peach flavors. I have been eating these since I went dairy free and they are my favorite yogurt alternative. I find this with all the other yogurts in my grocery store.

Follow Your Heart Vegan Cheese Alternative

The smoked Gouda style slices are the best in my opinion. I have also tried the pepper jack slices and the provolone slices and they are both good too. I find these in the cheese refrigeration section of my grocery store.


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