My First Time Using a Cane in Public as a Twenty-something | Life with Chronic Illness

I had never used any kind of mobility aid before this. Although, I have had problems with chronic pain for quite a while now. About a week ago I injured my hip. Normally I have pain in my hips but this time it was so bad that it left me in tears most days out of this past week. It was also so bad that I missed three days of school. Whereas I normally don’t like to miss any of my classes.

Now I really needed help getting around. I was limping everywhere and it took a toll on my other leg. So my dad brought out crutches from the garage and I began to practice with them. However, when I would lean on them my arms would go numb. Now that was a problem. So the next day, my mom and I went to our local grocery store and we bought my very first cane.

It is a burgundy color with white polka dots on it. It also has a black handle and it is made out of I am guessing aluminum. It has just one rubber stopper at the end. It also folds. It was about $16 and I am guessing there are some you can find on amazon for around that same price but I needed it right then. The one downfall to this particular cane or the circumstance is that my gloved hand kept slipping off the handle. I had to loop my pinky finger around the base of the handle to keep it in my hand. It doesn’t have a wrist loop either. So if you need a cane for whatever reason I suggest thinking of things like that before you purchase. I know I’ll keep all that in mind if I need another one.

My experience wasn’t bad. Which I am thankful for. I had a few people glance at me. Which is understandable because I made a clink noise going down a few hallways and sidewalks. Oh yeah, I think the material the cane is made out of made it kind of loud so if that would be a problem for you I would suggest a more dense, perhaps heavier duty cane.

When I went on the train to go home there weren’t any seats left but a man asked if I would like to sit down. I said yes. It was surprising to me how fast someone asked if I needed a seat. My hip at this point was screaming too but it was more tolerable sitting down. I kept the cane in between my legs during the whole ride so it would trip other people.

Overall the cane helped me. I am not entirely sure I was using it correctly but the way I was, was helpful. If you would like to know, I moved the cane forward with my injured leg on the same side. I watched a couple videos and they said to use it on the opposite side of my injured leg but I just couldn’t keep it in my non-dominant hand.

I think I will only use the cane if I am having a high pain day or if I feel really dizzy from now on. I still feel a little weird using it in public. It was definitely easier when I was walking around with my dad the first day I used it. I also have been keeping it in my backpack when I go to school because I have a very long commute and I want to have it just in case I need it, but I haven’t used it in a few days.

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