What Chronic Illness Has Taught Me | Life with Chronic Illness

You never know what someone is going through

I know I pretend to be okay a lot of the time even though I am in pain or really fatigued. I try to be kind to everybody because of this. Also, I try to be careful what I say. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone or invalidate their experiences.

Don’t take good days for granted but don’t overload them

On good days where my pain is low and I am able to get restful sleep, I need to be grateful for those days. Last semester, although I didn’t always feel great, I did feel okay and I feel like I didn’t savor that time. This semester has been really difficult for me and I have not been having as many good health days lately. So I need to enjoy those good days and take advantage of them by getting extra homework done or helping with chores around the house, etc but not over doing it.

Spend time with loved ones

I take the time to spend that extra hour with my loved ones and actually talk to them. Even being near the ones I love can be helpful for me. I think it can make everyone involved feel better. It is important to me as well to remind those I love how much I love them. I never know what is going to happen so I try to treasure my relationships.

To appreciate others help and that it is okay to ask for help

I know now that I need help sometimes. Sometimes I need more help than I would like to admit but that is okay. I learned reaching out for help from others is important and completely okay to do. I need support from others.

Learn more about myself

I have learned so much about myself by just looking at my health journey. I know I still have a lot of growing to do. Especially with advocating for myself in the doctor’s office and outside of it. I am learning to communicate my needs and that is important to me.

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