Eco Friendly Swaps

Reusable Bags

One swap is to use canvas or any type of reusable bag instead of plastic bags. My family often brings reusable bags to the grocery store so we don’t bring home as many plastic grocery bags. You can also just refuse plastic bags if you have a small number of items you can carry out.

Silicone Sandwich/Snack Bags

I was bringing a lot of plastic sandwich bags to school with me for lunch last semester. So I bought some silicone ones off of Amazon to help cut down on the single use plastic I use. You can also rinse out plastic sandwich bags and reuse them until they get torn.

Reusable Utensils

I bought a bamboo utensil set off of Amazon. I was again using single use plastic utensils for lunches at school so I decided to get reusable ones. You could also just take the utensils you keep at home with you if you don’t want to buy anything.

Cloth Pads/Menstrual Cups

I bought some cloth pads on Amazon for about $15 for 5 pads. I really like them so far. They are more comfortable I find and they are easy to wash. I soak mine for about 30 minutes in cold water then hand wash them with a bar of soap or I can throw them in the washing machine with towels. If you are more of a tampon user perhaps the menstrual cup would be better for you to try out.

Buy Secondhand When You Can

Buying secondhand clothes and goods can help the environment. It is a way to reuse things and give them a second life instead of them being thrown away. You can also get used items through clothing swaps and trading apps. It is also sometimes less expensive to buy things secondhand.

Reusable Water Bottle

Having a reusable water bottle with me is very handy. I fill it up before I leave and have it available to me for the time I am out of the house. There are also plenty of water fountains at my school so I can fill it up if I need to.




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