What is in my Backpack?| College Commuter Edition| Back to School 2019

I found a pink floral patterned Vera Bradley backpack at TJMaxx for about $40 this summer. I thought it would be the perfect backpack for me because of the padded laptop section and all the organizational pockets. I also thought it would be big enough to carry everything I need with me in it. I commute to college by the bus and train with an hour and a half journey. This means I need to carry everything I will need during the day with me in my backpack. These are my everyday essentials and what is in my backpack:

Bus/Train Pass

I usually carry a lanyard with this in it for easier access

School ID

I need this to get into the commuters lounge at school and to reference my ID number for certain classes

Personal Identification/Emergency contact Information

I keep a notecard with my name and medical conditions on it and the phone numbers for my parents in the front pouch of my backpack just in case

Ear plug/headphones

I don’t like when the bus or train is super loud so I use one of these to lessen the noise or to listen to music or podcasts


basic school supplies I like to have on hand


to freshen up

Reusable Water Bottle/Snack

in case I get hungry or thirsty in class


to take notes on

Umbrella/Plastic bag

in case it rains and a plastic bag to put the umbrella in after it gets wet

A Change Of Clothes

in case I don’t feel comfortable in what I am wearing or if I spill or rip my clothes

Reusable Cloth Pad/Wet Bag

I use reusable cloth pads instead of disposable pads so I just bring one with me along with the waterproof wet bag to put any used pads in

Pain Killers

in case I get a headache, cramps, or any other pains

Extra Medications

prescription medications that I need to take throughout the day


to organize my day and write down any homework assignments


in case I need to buy anything

Sunglasses/Prescription Glasses/Contact Solution

if i am wearing contacts

Tissues/Hand Sanitizer/Lip Balm/Bandaids

just in case

Fidget Toy

it is usually a tangle toy or bike chain fidget to distract myself when I am on my commute

Portable Charger/Phone Charger Cord and Wall Plug

just in case my phone runs out of battery


That is all that is in my backpack for the Fall 2019 semester. I feel better being prepared for many different situations than not to be prepared at all. If you live on campus, you may not need to bring as much with you or if you commute in your car. Let me know what is in your backpack!


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